Personality Improvement is not an option, it’s a Necessity.


The Success Enhancement Fund

Providing the Gospel of God for Human and Natural Capital Development

The Success Enhancement Fund aims to lay a solid foundation for a better future by
'Bridging the Personality Gap' in the world.

It focuses on the improvement of the personality ( management capacity ) of all human and natural capital living in the unreached, unreachable and reached parts of the world, so they can all use their education ( academic capacity ) in a harmless and virtuous manner.

The Fund provides bi-monthly divine grants for personality reclamation, reinvigoration and reinforcement. As from January 2019, these Grants will be released on the 7th day of January, March, May, July, September and November of every year.

Each Grant from this Faith-based Impact Investment Program contains
2 Timeless Lectures, 14 Fresh Lifelines and 12 Fresh Nuggets.

How to Participate

Participation is free, but registration is compulsory.
If you are interested in receiving the Prospectus and the Grants, please

Success Enhancement Prospectus
Success Enhancement

This Document provides a brief description of the Fund. It shows us how to 'Bridge the Personality Gap' in the world. Godly Personality is key to achieving Godly Success.

Holy Calling
Personality Reclamation Grant
Reclamation Grant

It fosters global stability by increasing divine innocency, positivity, presence in the User, and divine liberty, purity, immunity, stringency and contentment in all creatures in the world.

Primary Gift
Personality Reinvigoration Grant
Reinvigoration Grant

It fosters national growth by increasing divine innocency, positivity, presence in the User, and divine fervency, articulacy, dexterity, brilliancy and contentment in all people in your nation.

Secondary Gift
Personality Reinforcement Grant
Reinforcement Grant

It fosters eternal, personal excellence by increasing divine innocency, positivity, presence, excellence and contentment in the User. It assures the User of eternity in Paradise.

Tertiary Gift